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"When people ask me about Fascial Stretch Therapy, my initial description is it’s between a massage and a chiropractic adjustment-leaving you with that same wonderful “Ahhhh feeling” afterwards of comfort, relief, and relaxation
throughout your body. With slow stretching movements and some resistance between Taylor’s body and yours,
she becomes a psychic with the ability to know just what positions will enhance the experience. Taylor orchestrates
a slow muscle/joint dance that releases the fascia without pain. 

In my instance, Taylor is treating chronic pain left by surgery as well as fibromyalgia. She is extremely gentle and
seems to sense just how far to carry the stretch. At the beginning for me, the most difficult challenge was
to allow her to decide on the movements and try not to “help”. “Helping” her makes the stretches less effective.
I needed to relax and let the expert be in control.

I would recommend Taylor Manney and her Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions to anyone. The increased flexibility and reduced muscle strain are certainly the benefits, but the relaxed state it creates is such a bonus. 

-Debe van Steenderen
"Being only 25 years old, I’ve crammed a lot of injuries and trauma to my body in that time. At this point of my life, I struggle with hips & knees that pop out of place, severe back pain from previous injuries, along with an implant in my lower back. With these injuries, my lower back and hips take a toll and tend to tighten up. When Taylor told me that she was able to help my pain, I was thrilled! I am a firm believer in natural health and try everything I can to live my life as such. Due to my implant, I cannot get massages, chiropractic, and even acupuncture done to help with pain anymore...I felt I was out of options, until Taylor. Every morning, I usually wake up stiff. After my first session of FST, the next morning I woke up with no pain! Taylor is able to give relief to my joints and tightened muscles through stretching and specific movements to relieve pressure from compacted areas. She is able to help maneuver my hips and knees from popping during sessions during the stretches, which ultimately helps them loosen and ease the pain. I am so thankful for the work that she does daily to help myself and so many others. FST is truly a great, natural, and helpful technique to help so many."

-Rebecca Taylor
"I used to really look forward to getting a massage, but Facial Stretch Therapy with Taylor has been even better. The improvements last longer after each session. It has made me stronger and kept me going even when I miss workouts. But best of all, FST with Taylor has jump-started improvements to my posture and helped fix decades-old bad habits. I feel much healthier now."

-Alden King
​"When I met Taylor I was experiencing severe daily pain in my lower back.  I was in an automobile accident a few years ago and have been in quite a bit of pain since then.  More than any other medical or therapeutic treatment I’ve tried, Taylor and her stretching technique brought me relief.  Not only did my back pain subside, but the rest of my body became much more limber and loose.  I work out regularly and the stretching from Taylor even helped my workouts, I am stronger and I recover quicker with regular stretching.
Taylor is a true pro, she’s professional and has an amazing “bedside manner”.  I’d recommend her to anyone that wants to feel better. She can make the difference."

- Phil Bouchard

Taylor is a very knowledgeable and skilled fascial stretch therapist. I came in with multiple issues (being a dancer and avid tennis player) and she addressed each one in our session. I left feeling lighter, longer, and evened out. On top of that the session was very relaxing! She even sent me home with stretches I can easily do on my own to further the progress we made together. I highly recommend going to see Taylor for your body woes. You will not regret it!

-Erika Reed
Regular self-stretching and foam rolling are great, but only got me so far in easing the tightness in my upper back, hips, quads and hamstrings. By chance I saw a flyer that PFD CrossFit in Verona was having a Fascial Stretch Therapy Demo and Workshop by Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. Intrigued and learning more about FST, I made my appointment with Taylor, to stretch out my problem areas.

The stretches Taylor incorporates are gentle, methodical, non-evasive and interactive. She pushes the boundaries of my mobility without forcing pain along the way. I am amazed how well my body has responded and the meaningful improvement for: a) increased flexibility, b) better movement and balance, c) increased blood flow to my muscles (no more cold toes/feet!!), d) the recurring trigger point in my neck was released, e) actually feel taller and f) the best is the long lasting results.

I would definitely recommend FST with Taylor. She has a cheerful personality and genuinely cares about her clients. So happy our paths have crossed!!!

-Berta Ostrander